Old love songs (l): Paul Anka „You are my destiny“

I have been listening to a lot of love songs lately, and noticed some things about them, especially about the old love songs.

The older the song, the shorter. Old love songs are generally much shorter than current songs (I think for a song to get played on the radio it had to be under three minutes, not sure why radio playout time was so limited actually)

Few words but well chosen. The old love songs have really beautiful lyrics, which are generally very simply written and need only very few words (hence the beauty!)

Innocent lyrics, sexy performance. The lyrics of old love songs are pretty innocent in comparison to today’s. Similar to old movies that were not allowed to depict French kissing, I assume that love songs also had many taboos regarding sex at at that time. Still, how words are formed and also how the singer uses their breath during the performance transport an atmosphere of longing and touching and erotics (somehow this makes me think of Elvis Presley and how he used his tongue when performing on stage, but please don’t ask me why I have to think of Elvis Presley now)

There were actually several releases of the song „You are my destiny“ by Paul Anka.
I have tried to find the first version released in 1958 for this post. I found at least one more release of the song from 1963, that also had slightly different lyrics and a lot more background singing, that I regard a bit annoying. I prefer the simplicity of the older version.

But I liked the older version much better also for the lyrics. The alternate lyrics from the 1963 release misses the second line „You are what you are to me“ (beautiful, I had to have this line in the song!) and also has some smaller text iterations at the end of the song. For the 1963 version of the song check the link at the end. Also I have linked the full lyrics of the alternate version at the end.

I am pretty sure, this is the most beautiful version of the song.
Enjoy! ❤

Paul Anka, You are my destiny (1958)

Further reading:

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