Old love songs (IV): The Drifters „Sweets for my Sweet“

Sweets and love – always a good combination. That too must have been on the mind of The Drifters, when composing this beautiful song in 1961. I guess, I will be writing a love song about waffles some day.

Favorite line:

„And if you needed a dream to keep you smiling
I’ll tell the sandman you were blue
And I’d ask him to keep that sand a-piling
Till your dreams would come true.“

There is also a famous cover version of the song by „The Searchers“, that was even more successful on the billboards than the original version by „The Drifters“. If it’s a good song there has to be at least two versions as we already know.

Further reading:

Wikipedia article on the song
Full lyrics of the song
Cover version by „The Searchers“

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