Old love songs (V): The Beatles „Love me do“

The Beatles prove once more that simplicity is king when it comes to old love songs. By composing a love song of only 20 words, repeating over and over to enhance the effect of these special words, they kind of invented this genre.

Also in this song the Beatles invent a very interesting imperative by adding the „do“ after the „Love me“ and with this trying to do the impossible via a song: to make someone fall in love with someone by asking for it, not even by asking for it twice (I count the „Love me“ together with the „do“ as asking for it two times).

Nevertheless or probably exactly because of that, the song has a lot of charms and beauty and is – without any doubt – one of the best known songs by the Beatles. Wikipedia (see link below) lists at least ten known cover versions of the song, therefore this song follows the law of „no good love song remains uncovered by others“ in perfect match.

Favorite line:
Whoa, love me do!

Enjoy the song. ❤ (do!)

Further reading:

Wikipedia article on the song

Full lyrics


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