Old Love Songs (VI): The Mamas and the Papas „Dedicated to the one I love“

With the American society changing dramatically at the end of the 1960s together with all the drugs floating around, the notion of love was changing completely: No longer was love limited to one person only, suddenly love was everywhere: in nature, in friendship, in spirituality, in art and of course in the whole lot of sex and drugs.

So even though love was changing this „older“ song from 1961 became the love anthem of the summer of love and remains one of the most beautiful love songs till present day.

Actually I had thought till today that The Mamas and the Papas had written the song themselves, but it is in fact a cover version of a song written in 1961 for the Shirelles (see Wikipedia link below for details).

Their cover version became pretty famous with a performance of the song on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969 (see video link below, unfortunately this video could not be embedded from YouTube)

Favorite line:
„And tell all the stars above
This is dedicated to the one I love.“

Further reading and watching:
Live Performance on the Ed Sullivan Show (lovely video with a very nice performance of the band)
Wikipedia article on the song
Full lyrics


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